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Seamlessly managing design,manufacturing, distribution, and postsales support, it offers real-timecollaboration, unparalleledvisibility, and data-driven insights.Accelerate time-to-market, reducecosts, and elevate product quality




By promoting ethical and eco-conscious production methods, Param enhances brand trust and loyalty, ultimately driving sales growth. Streamline collaboration between designers,suppliers, and manufacturers, reducing errors and expediting the product development life-cycle,Param empowers fashion businesses to optimise operations and stay competitive in a dynamic market.

Tech-pack Exchange

Facilitate seamless exchange of tech packs between designers, suppliers, and manufacturers. Reduce errors, improve accuracy, and speed up the product development lifecycle.

Supplier Management

Supplier portal for efficient collaboration, supplier performance tracking, and managing supplier related data, promoting supplier integration into the product lifecycle

Range/Buy Plan Automation

Streamline the range planning process by automating tasks like assortment creation, demand forecasting, and trend analysis. Enhance decision making and alignment across teams

Design to Catalog Automation

Automate the process of converting designs into catalog-ready formats, enabling quicker

Capacity Planning

Optimise production capacity by utilising historical data and demand projections. Ensure efficient resource allocation for a smoother production cycle

Sampling Process

Digitise the sampling process, enabling faster iterations, better communication between teams,and reduced lead times in bringing new designs to market


Vendor Onboarding

Leveraging web-based interfaces and electronic documentation, this module simplifies vendor registration, qualification, and approval processes. It enables secure document submission, including compliance certificates and product specifications, while integrating with regulatory compliance databases for validation.


Production Insights

This module captures production data, including manufacturing progress, quality checkpoints, and resource utilisation. It provides customizable dashboards displaying key performance indicators,production trends, and potential bottlenecks.


Design feasibility

Minimise time-to-market through real-time design assessment, streamlines resource allocation, enhances collaboration, and optimise the design-to-production workflow for efficient and cost-effective fashion product development.



A luxury Hand loom Company face challenges in their hand-loom procurement process due to a lack of communication with the weavers, resulting in delays and inefficiencies. Get real-time visibility into the status of previous orders and pre-production processes, leading to Efficiency in planning and tracking.Additionally, having transparent communication channels promotes efficient collaboration with the weavers, impacting production timelines and overall supply chain management

Collaborate with your Hyper localised vendors

⦃param⦄ aims to establish an integrated and collaborative supply chain for India’s leading luxury hand-loom weavers sourcing company using a digital platform. The objective is to optimise the procure-to-pay process through a user-friendly web/mobile-based portal, facilitating smooth information exchange, real-time production status updates, and timely communication with weavers. The goal is to amplify productivity, minimise delays, and cultivate trust and collaboration within the hand-loom procurement process.

10 November 2022

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Product  offers  a  systematic  way to establish interoperability between heterogeneous enterprises and build multi-enterprise  workflow applications.

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