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⦃param⦄ with its infinitely flexible and configurable platform allows businesses to scale and go to market with speed, ease, and minimal disruption




Gain operational agility as you get visibility and control across suppliers and distribution partners with timely alerts and in-app exception management. Conquer new sales channels as you leverage digital order management to streamline fulfilment across B2B, B2C, and D2C channels and optimise each and every order flow. Get real-time visibility across network inventory, optimize orders across internal and partner stocking locations, and leverage demand-driven inventory planning.

Simplified EDI as API

Integrate easily with trade partners and exchange commerce documents-related information for better collaboration using composable EDI.

Streamline Transportation

Execute shipments smarter via a platform that integrates sourcing and multi-mode route planning to optimise against all service levels and constraints

Build specific applications

Whether it is a third-party audit workflow to track damages or a warehouse appointment scheduler, build bespoke solutions and deploy them rapidly

Supplier Coordination

Update, validate, and confirm POs. Optimise inbound shipment orders. Collaborate better across partners to minimise stock-outs and boost agility.

End-to-end Traceability

Trace faulty batches and products from raw materials to sold goods for effective quality assurance and recall items across multiple warehouses.

Order to Cash Management

Manage multi-channel sales orders on a single platform either via integration or portal, share invoices and dispatch details with customers and track receipts


Advanced Vendor Portal

Actively forecast supply needs and get end-to-end visibility of your procurement process


Advanced Customer Portal

Faster processing and fulfilment of customer orders and faster payment realization to improve the business enterprise’s cash flow and working capital levels.


Our First Product

Blockchain technologies are having a transformative impact on managing global supply chains.



Break down data silos and manage every aspect of your production, distribution and inventory with precision, control and responsiveness to real-time changes with planning capabilities ⦃param⦄ offers on its platform.

Increase in Warehouse Inbound of FMCG Retailer

A national Omni channel food and grocery retailer with 900+ stores intended to streamline its inbound warehouse delivery from 6000+ registered suppliers. ⦃param⦄ implemented a blockchain-based appointment scheduler, digitally empanelled all the suppliers within two weeks and ramped up to approve 600-1000 appointments daily, improving efficiency from 68% to 82% in 12 weeks.

10 November 2022

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Product  offers  a  systematic  way to establish interoperability between heterogeneous enterprises and build multi-enterprise  workflow applications.

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