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Consumer Goods


⦃param⦄ with its infinitely flexible and configurable platform allows businesses to scale and go to market with speed, ease, and minimal disruption




Gain operational agility as you get visibility and control across suppliers and distribution partners with timely alerts and in-app exception management. Conquer new sales channels as you leverage digital order management to streamline fulfilment across B2B, B2C, and D2C channels and optimise each and every order flow. Get real-time visibility across network inventory, optimize orders across internal and partner stocking locations, and leverage demand-driven inventory planning.

Damaged and Defective Goods

Audit D&D process, receive digital commerce documents, easily convert and push back with minimal touch points for salvaged quantity reports.

Inventory Optimisation

Real-time tracking of inventory levels to prevent stock outs and excess stock, reducing carrying costs.

Batch and Lot Tracking

Traceability of batches and lots through the supply chain, aiding in recalls and quality assurance.

Demand Forecasting

Accurate demand prediction to optimise production and inventory management for FMCG products

Shelf Life Management

Monitoring and managing products' expiration dates to minimise waste and ensure product freshness

Seasonal Planning

Tools to plan and manage promotional campaigns and seasonal demand fluctuations effectively.


Inventory Management

Employ advanced algorithms and data analytics to ensure optimal stock levels, striking a balance between demand fluctuations and cost considerations. Leveraging demand forecasts, historical sales data, and seasonality trends, the module dynamically adjusts reorder points and order quantities, preventing stock outs and excess inventory.


Batch and Lot Tracking

Leveraging unique identifiers, it assigns batches or lots to individual products, enabling swift identification and retrieval of specific units for quality control, recalls, or compliance purposes. Utilizing barcode or RFID technology, this module captures data at each stage,from manufacturing to distribution, enabling real-time monitoring and updates.


Supplier Collaboration

Employ digital interfaces and APIs to enable real-time data exchange, encompassing demand forecasts, order status updates, and inventory levels. Utilizing EDI and API integrations, it synchronizes data between the FMCG organization and its suppliers,enhancing visibility and accuracy. This module also supports vendor performance metrics, tracking lead times, on-time deliveries, and quality compliance.



Break down data silos and manage every aspect of your production, distribution and inventory with precision, control and responsiveness to real-time changes with planning capabilities ⦃param⦄ offers on its platform.

Increase in Warehouse Inbound of FMCG Retailer

A national Omni channel food and grocery retailer with 900+ stores intended to streamline its inbound warehouse delivery from 6000+ registered suppliers. ⦃param⦄ implemented a blockchain-based appointment scheduler, digitally empanelled all the suppliers within two weeks and ramped up to approve 600-1000 appointments daily, improving efficiency from 68% to 82% in 12 weeks.

10 November 2022

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