⦃param⦄ offers a simplified EDI platform for all types of enterprises - retailers, suppliers, manufacturers, transportation and logistics providers to integrate with their trade partners and exchange commerce documents-related information for better collaboration.


Flexibility with Security

on ⦃param⦄ EDI as API

Make it easy for trade partners in the value chain to integrate with your organisation by uploading your EDI specifications and exposing them as an API on ⦃param⦄ platform. API is one of the most advanced, mature & cost-effective ecosystems out there in terms of connectivity, toolsets, and infrastructure. ⦃param⦄ network can truly make it faster, easier, and cheaper for companies to implement EDI Integration projects using API connectors.

Faster and Stable Integrations

Our API eliminates EDI complexities using a modern developer toolset, resulting in faster integrations & production environments that are 10X stabler than typical EDI solutions

100% Compliance Validations

Get real-time validation of your messages against partner compliance rules before transmission, making real-time compliance a reality. This ensures there is no garbage in and garbage out.

Agnostic to Supply Chains

Whether it is drop shipping or vendor management inventory, we support different supply chains across sectors such as retail, automotive, logistics etc

Make EDIs Composable

Our APIs make your EDIs composable empowering you to create custom solutions easily that can communicate with other applications, services, and external systems

Supports multiple formats

Send and receive via any EDI format such as ANSI, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS etc and connect with any type of trade partners such as suppliers, customers, manufacturers, logistics and transporters

Easy to Learn APIs

Our easy-to-learn API enables your trade partners to perform common EDI functions via API with minimal effort and our dashboard has built-in alerts, audits and reports


Custom UI Workflow

For Businesses struggling to utilise EDI or API integrations directly, we offer customised UI workflows that enable seamless data exchange and process automation.


100% Automation

By offering complete automation, we eliminate manual intervention, reduce errors, and accelerate data exchange.


Effortless EDI Functionality

Our Advanced EDI platform caters to diverse industries, facilitating seamless integration with trade partners and enhancing productivity.

EDI as API in

Omni-Channel Retail

India's largest omni-channel destination for beauty and personal care with 2000+ brands and 200,000+ products across its platforms was looking to significantly reduce the time to onboard their suppliers and automate high volume data exchange related to procurement operations.

scalable and cost effective

The most powerful way to automate your EDI

Deploying API for EDI in procurement for our customer in omnichannel beauty and personal care products resulted in a cost-effective solution with configurable, robust and familiar API that helped the enterprise to offer their suppliers fully compliant EDI integration on transaction formats such as price list, purchase order, advanced shipment notice, invoice, sales report and inventory report.

10 November 2022

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Product  offers  a  systematic  way to establish interoperability between heterogeneous enterprises and build multi-enterprise  workflow applications.

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