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⦃param⦄ network platform is transforming global supply chain operations through multi-party collaboration and multi-modal visibility, enabling higher resilience and better transparency.




Global enterprises get a single visibility window to track multi-modal shipments for import or export orders. They dynamically assign shippers, freight forwarders, first and last-mile transporters and customs housing agents. All these stakeholders can securely share documents manually or through an integration with their systems. Such collaboration and timely updates reduce demurrage, detention fees and penalties due to delays.

Multi-parties Collaboration

Bring external participants such as freight forwarders, customs housing agents, and last-mile transporters on a single platform and avoid multiple email threads, phone calls and chats.

Easy Document Sharing

Each participant in the supply chain can create, upload, share and access 24x7 digitalised documents for verifications and approvals with digital signature capabilities.

Integration Ready

Combine best-in-class technology with high-quality data for more effective decision-making by employing APIs, EDI, and RPA technologies to link your organisation with your supply chain partners.

Customised Workflows

Keep track of the multiple steps involved in the import-export shipping process by creating bespoke workflows with particular action items for each participant.

Single Visibility Window

Drive end-to-end accountability and transparency with a digital audit trail of all documents and interactions on a single dashboard. Be quick to identify any hurdles and take action.

Notification and Alerts

Ensure that all tasks, whether approvals, document submissions, or payments, are done on time. Receive notifications in case of delays in tasks by comparing actual and anticipated dates.


Real-time Import Tracking

Centralised visibility window that enables real-time tracking of multi-modal import shipments, offering complete visibility into shipment status and location at each step of the import process.


Efficient Role Assignment

Facilitate dynamic role assignment for shippers, freight forwarders,first and last mile transporters, and customs housing agents


Secure Document Sharing

By providing a secure system for manual or integrated document sharing, ⦃param⦄ will ensure timely exchange of import-related documents,expediting customs clearance and minimising delays.



It is estimated that the deployment of blockchain technology can bring down the total cost of shipping operations globally by $27 billion.

cost savings

Single trusted view of shipping events and document filings

The administrative cost of handling a container shipment is comparable to the cost of the actual physical transport. Inconsistent information across organisational boundaries and “blind spots” throughout the supply chain hinder the efficient flow of goods.

10 November 2022

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Product  offers  a  systematic  way to establish interoperability between heterogeneous enterprises and build multi-enterprise  workflow applications.

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