Supply Chains

⦃param⦄ provides manufacturing organisations with a single-view platform across the entire order lifecycle, unifying all systems, people, and processes network-wide.




In today's world, manufacturing industries need to constantly adapt their supply chains with robotics, low-cost country manufacturing, emerging customer markets, new sales channels, and changes in trade agreements. To grow and succeed, manufacturers need the agility to build anywhere and sell everywhere with global supply chain orchestration across factories, suppliers, distribution, distribution channels, and customers. ⦃param⦄ provides a multi-party orchestration platform to improve collaboration between partners, grow business in new markets and source goods and production globally.

Network Inventory Visibility

Param is a natural evolution of blockchain for commerce. Typical commerce transactions would involve multiple steps between two entities.

Supply Management

Improve operational efficiency by updating, validating, and confirming POs with ASN and coordinating inbound shipment orders across partners.

Control Costs in the Value Chain

Gain visibility and control over the cost at every movement in the supply chain, including handling, logistics, customs, and storage.

Production Plan Updates

Share timely, accurate and uniform production plans among all stakeholders creating close synchronisation and enabling a smooth production process.

Track OTIF and other KPIs

Key metrics to evaluate your contract manufacturers on timeliness, compliance and correctness are available through the intelligent dashboards.

Become Agile and Resilient

With the ability to plan and execute different supply chain flows  benefit from streamlined management of inventory, order and logistics


Advanced Vendor Portal

Actively forecast supply needs and get end-to-end visibility of your procurement process


Advanced Customer Portal

Faster processing and fulfilment of customer orders and faster payment realization to improve the business enterprise’s cash flow and working capital levels.


Our First Product

Blockchain technologies are having a transformative impact on managing global supply chains.



⦃param⦄ with its blockchain platform and low code tool is addressing the growing needs of global manufacturing supply chains to build trust, and drive cost efficiencies through visibility and collaboration.

Driving efficiency with collaboration and visibility

One of the customers is a leading vertically integrated conglomerate in the aluminium industry. Apart from their core business operations, they have a growing business catering to the consumer food packaging industry. Their value chain is reliant on contractors to meet their demand, which increases the risk of production and transport delays, material losses and quality defects. ⦃param⦄ is offering a platform to bring collaboration in such multi-parties set-up and drive cost efficiencies making a strong case for scaling the business.

10 November 2022

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Product  offers  a  systematic  way to establish interoperability between heterogeneous enterprises and build multi-enterprise  workflow applications.

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