⦃param⦄ helps you to streamline and optimise logistics operations across multiple carriers, from order planning and execution monitoring to financial control and performance measurement




Businesses will be able to orchestrate orders between multiple manufacturing sites, distribution centres, and sales channels, effectively monitor the process, as well as manage carrier costs and performance across inbound, outbound, and reverse order flows. With bespoke workflows built for shipment lifecycles, organisations can streamline transport procurement services and integrate with logistics service providers of different sizes to gain visibility on one single platform.

Bidding and Contract Module

Automate and digitise your freight procurement process from creating quotations and negotiating with vendors to awarding contracts.

Transport Order

Automated route planning for internal and external shipments and create an optimised route and truck type for a given trip

Share Draft Invoice with Carriers

Enable self-billing by sharing smart contract-generated draft invoices for every shipment and allow carriers to check, verify and raise invoices at the click of a button.

Ratecard Management

Translate freight rate management, and store rate cards for road, ocean, air, and rail using dynamic rate card templates across different lanes and routes.

Track & Trace

Flexible API structure and interface to capture digital way bills, shipment documents and proof of delivery from LSPs, forwarders and transport agents

Automated Reconciliation

Automatically compare invoices against complex rate contracts, freight purchase orders, Proof of Delivery (PoD) documentation and transaction details and easily identify mismatches


Param Wallet

Forever Free Thin Client to the LSP


Service Requisition

It seamlessly tracks and displays service requisition status, timelines, and potential disruptions, optimising logistics operations. With interactive dashboards and predictive analytics, it supports data driven decisions for efficient logistics management.


ePoD validation

ePOD captures real-time delivery data, including timestamps, recipient information, and
geo-locations. This data is securely transmitted and stored, providing a tamper-proof record of successful deliveries. This reduces manual errors, optimises delivery routes, and enables instant notifications to stakeholders, ensuring accurate and transparent last-mile logistics operations.



⦃param⦄ offers logistics and transportation management with advanced, multi-modal and reverse management capabilities to support the full order lifecycle.

90 days reduction in payment cycle to Carriers

⦃param⦄ helped a global leader in automotive engineering to improve relationships with logistics service providers by reducing the payment cycle by 90 days with automated invoice processing for completed freight orders. The system captured ePoD (electronic Proof of Delivery) and other details to trigger a smart contract that accurately estimates freight costs and shares draft invoices with 150+ transporters across the country.

10 November 2022

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Product  offers  a  systematic  way to establish interoperability between heterogeneous enterprises and build multi-enterprise  workflow applications.

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