Blockchain for
real-world commerce

Inter-network of enterprises.

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Thinking beyond payments
Project Example

⦃param⦄ is a natural evolution of blockchain for commerce. Typical commerce transactions would involve multiple steps between two entities viz., Quotation, Purchase Order, Invoice, Payments, and Receipts. Most blockchains though only capture a single payment. ⦃param⦄, on the other hand, captures individual state-information and associated documents to bring trust across the entire commerce life-cycle.

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How does it help your enterprise?


Onboard all the stakeholders onto one network with ease. Communicate between multiple business stakeholders in a matter of seconds.


Data stays private and only approved stakeholders have access. Only a cryptographic hash is stored for future verification.


Harness the power of big data with the advanced knowledge graph which can help your company unlock the value in the data


Records item-level details from the Quotations, Purchase Orders and Invoice documents that allows you to have a better understanding of your business.


Collaborate with all your suppliers and manufacturers on one platform. Improve transaction life cycles from weeks to days, which will in turn help you increase your bottom line.


The platform comes with reference document converters and API's that can be easily customized and integrated into major ERP / EDI Softwares.

Our platform

A Fast & efficient document sharing platform


Based on Quorum, ⦃param⦄ is a peer-to-peer permissioned-public blockchain with enhanced ledger for capturing the complete life-cycle of the commerce transactions. The network is a combination of master nodes by the foundation and multiple enterprises.

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Its a convenience of a WhatsApp and experience of ERP for e-invoice sharing. Download, install, add contacts and share invoices instantly. It is a light-node software, where businesses can share quotations, purchase orders, invoices and confirm payments instantly over the blockchain.

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ERP/EDI integrations

⦃param⦄ ledger is structured around well-defined standards such as JSON-LinkedData, which is highly compatible with existing ERP software such as SAP, Zoho, Tally. The platform is constantly releasing several libraries to integrate with various ERPs seamlessly.

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Our first product

Revolutionising e-Invoicing
Project Example
  • Convenience of WhatsApp + experience of an ERP

  • Built on blockchain and semantic web technology

  • Automated invoice processing, compliance monitoring & reconciliation

  • Faster approval through trusted data collaboration
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Imagine the Possibilities
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Invoice sharing

Enterprises can send or receive invoices directly from their ERP systems to SMB without any manual email or PDF processing.

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Expenses Claim

An efficient way to track a partner’s expenses like trucks, logistics, etc. They can now send electronic invoices for every single expense via the ⦃param⦄ invoicing app

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Data Marketplace

With the power of semantic data capture, meaningful analytics can be derived and exchanged securely through the network.

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Proof of Delivery

Consignor, Consignee and Logistics service provider can exchange electronic Lorry receipts and establish proof of delivery through digital signature.

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Statutory Reporting

With a mutual recording of payments initiated and confirmation all GST, other statutory requirements, are 100% accurate which can be used for all kinds of reporting.

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Invoice Financing

Supplier financing approvals via Banks can be expedited, as the platform offers trusted sharing of invoices by just adding them as subscribers of the document.

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