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⦃pi⦄ is an e-invoicing software built on blockchain & semantic web technologies. It allows enterprises to send and receive invoices directly from their ERP systems to SMB without any manual intervention in a highly secure way. This enables enterprises & financial institutes to improve operational efficiency by automating many internal processes such as expense management, e-Lorry receipt, e-Proof-of-Delivery, and many more use cases.

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Install ⦃pi⦄ invoice desktop / mobile software and generate unique ⦃param⦄

Add contacts

Add business contacts into the application.


Share invoices electronically anywhere in the world.

Solution Overview

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Universal Enterprise ID

Every person in the network generates a unique public ID. Anyone in the network with access to this public ID can seamlessly share invoices with your enterprise.



Share an accurate quotation with a complete bill of materials that can facilitate your buyer to convert it into a Purchase order on a click of a button. Convert all your manual contracts electronically.

Purchase Order

Purchase Order

The Purchase Order can be generated in a click and is automatically shared with respect to the Quotation offered by the seller. Flexible, single click based workflow to generate both contracted or non contracted purchase orders.

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Generate automated invoices based on your contractual agreements and share them with your globally distributed client base. Record the entire transaction from Procure to Pay electronically and get rid of paper invoices and reduce cost per invoice.

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Instant Reconciliation

Seamless integration of various systems across parties involved in the value chain help to reconcile real time of both sales and purchases. This helps to free your accounts team to focus on various other critical tasks and thus increases efficiency.

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As the invoice details are confidential, the platform allows us to securely share receipts to concerned stakeholders like Banks, Third party Logistics, etc by adding them as subscribers. Subscribers don't have the right to modify any details but can view the invoice and transaction associated with it.

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Link Purchases

Every product which is created on the platform has the provision to link with your previous invoices to ensure authentic traceability of the product. Supply chain traceability allows you to track products from source to consumer. It connects all the points in your chain together, keeping you in control of your brand.


  • Quick Collaboration
    Quick Collaboration

    Easy workflow creation to ensure even the most complex decisions are automated

  • Secure Sharing
    Secure Sharing

    Data are securely shared using advanced encryption in private, protected or public mode

  • Easy Integration
    Easy Integration

    Provides a standardised API connecters with enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, MS office and many more

  • No Consortium
    No Consortium

    Providing one of the fastest ways to add blockchain capabilities to your application.

  • Mobile Access
    Mobile Access

    Engaging way to perform daily tasks and ensures round-the clock access to the solution

  • Guaranteed Compliance
    Supply Chain traceability

    Structured workflow, conditional approval process with a well-managed process ensure to adhere statutory requirements

User Benefits

  • Improve productivity from ~6000 to 90000 invoices/person

  • Reduce the operational costs

  • Improve processing time from 15 days to 3 days

  • Direct integration to supplier’s accounting systems modernisation of accounting process.

  • Refocus the resources on rewarding tasks

  • Reducing carbon footprint.

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